Sunday, 6 May 2012

GregKlymkiw's 5 COOLEST Movies at the 2012 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival in Toronto. These movies are cooler than cool, so if you are cool, you'll want to see them because cool movies make the world go round - as do cool people. In alphabetical order, Klymkiw's Coolest Hot Docs are:

BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS*!: Like a Kafka nightmare through a David Lynchian dreamscape of terror, this great movie depicts an artist going through the legal torture inflicted upon him by a multinational corporation (and everyone on their payroll). It's stomach-turning. FULL REVIEW HERE
DRAGAN WENDE - WEST BERLIN: Vuk Maksimovic, a burgeoning cinematographer in Serbia, had, for years, heard tales of his legendary, high-rolling Uncle Dragan in Berlin. Now he was going to get to know him. Armed with two cameras and two trusted colleagues, he has made one of the most original, entertaining and penetrating documentaries about the wild days of pre-and-post communist society. FULL REVIEW HERE
THE PUNK SYNDROME: "Pertti Kurikka’s Name Day" is, without question, one of the greatest punk bands of all time. They are the unforgettable subjects of this breathtaking feature documentary that declares: "I demand your immediate attention or you die, motherfucker!" FULL REVIEW HERE
PUSHWAGNER: This movie rocks! It rocks hard! This is easily one of the best documentaries I've ever seen about a contemporary artist. And WHAT an artist! What a movie! FULL REVIEW HERE

THE WORLD BEFORE HER: What is the future for the young women of modern India? Is it adherence to thousands of years of subservient tradition or finding success through beauty? The chasm between the two couldn't be wider, but we discover in Nisha Pahuja's extraordinary film (recent Best Documentary Winner at the Tribeca Film Festival), the differences are often skin deep as parallel lines clearly exist beneath the surface. FULL REVIEW HERE