Saturday, 2 June 2012

GRANDMOTHERS - Review By Greg Klymkiw - Canadian Film Centre Worldwide Short Film Festival 2012 (Toronto): Award Winners From Around The World

Grandmothers (2011) dir. Afarin Eghbal
Review By Greg Klymkiw
L'équation de Klymkiw: Supreme Artistry + Thematic Complexity + Perfect, Simple Narrative = A Great Film That's Actually About Something. A Grandmother's voice speaks for all the grandmothers of Argentina in this delicate, heart-breaking trip through rooms that carry artifacts from an earlier age - haunted by the ghosts and memories of both happier times and sad. Gorgeously lit, designed and visually composed, Afarin Eghbal delivers a simple, yet stunning (and ultimately layered) film. Using live-action images via stop-motion-styled animation, this is a genuinely great film - short or otherwise. Telling what's ultimately a horrendous tale of one segment of "the disappeared" of Argentina, it earns its rays of hope honestly. Eghbal creates cinematic poetry of the highest order and it's a perfect demonstration of film's great potential to render narrative with the poetic qualities inherent in the medium.Winner of Encounters - Honourable Mention - Best Doc , Austin - Best Documentary Short
Canadian Film Centre Worldwide Short Film Festival - Toronto
Bloor Hot Docs Cinema: Tuesday June 5, 7:00 pm
Bloor Hot Docs Cinema: Sunday June 10, 9:30 pm
Tickets and Info: HERE