Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My article from the Winter 2013 issue for the legendary Joe Kane's magazine PHANTOM OF THE MOVIES' VIDEOSCOPE about the Canadian Film Centre's now-sadly-in-hiatus-whatever-the-fuck-that-is-supposed-to-mean WORLD WIDE SHORT FILM FESTIVAL. I review a selection of 3 terrific genre pictures screened at this important, but now-sadly-in-hiatus-whatever-the-fuck-that-is-supposed-to-mean film festival: The visionary grim fairy tail THE CAPTURED BIRD by Jovanka Vuckovic, the deliciously sick REQUIEM FOR A C.H.U.D. by Stephen Stubbs and the exquisite Swedish entry THE UNLIVING by Hugo Lilja. Article By Greg Klymkiw - Reprinted Here By Permission

Winter 2013 Cover of Phantom of the Movies' VIDEOSCOPE
JPG scan of my article on 2012 CFC World Wide Short Film Festival

Joe Kane began writing about genre films for The Monster Times, then he served as the genre movie columnist under the monicker Phantom of the Movies and in recent years, through his company Phanmedia has published numerous books and the terrific magazine Phantom of the Movies' VIDEOSCOPE. I've been a fan of Joe's forever and I'm very honoured to now be contributing to his cool magazine. Feel free to order copies of his books and even a subscription to the magazine via the following links below. Buying Joe's work by using the clickable links below will also assist with the ongoing maintenance of this site.




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