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"Todd and the Book of Pure Evil" was one of the Best programs on TV. Here, in this epic blow-by-blow, episode-by-episode review of the first two seasons, Special Guest Journalist, CUB REPORTER Julia Klymkiw tells you why the show was great and why you should support the efforts of producers Andrew Rosen, Anthony Leo, Craig David Wallace and all the good people at Aircraft Pictures to continue the tale in an all-new animated feature film.

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil
Season One and Season Two DVD *****
Review By Guest Journalist
12 Year Old Cub Reporter Julia Klymkiw

When My Dad gave me a DVD of the Todd and the Book of Pure Evil TV show I didn't know what to think because he always made me watch Leave it To Beaver, I Love Lucy and Road To Avonlea. He even gave me Hannah Montana and that was amazing because it was not an older TV show. Todd was the newest show I got to watch ever and let me tell you: I LOVE TODD AND THE BOOK OF PURE EVIL!!!!!!!!!! This is the best show that they ever made for TV because the stories were always cool, but also because the show is funny and scary just like Alfred Hitchcock movies. The monsters are always amazing, too! What's really sad is how they stopped making Todd and the Book of Pure Evil after only two DVDs. I like to watch them over and over again, but I also kept asking my Dad when he would get the third DVD and he told me to be patient because the producers were waiting for the TV station to let them do it.

And then he told me that the TV stations that make the show are morons and that they stopped it. I don't like to use the word "moron" because it's mean, but Dad uses it all the time. When I was a little girl, he would always yell that word when we were in his car. I used to think that cars were called morons instead of "cars". Dad had to explain that the word for cars was not "morons". He was yelling that word at other people driving their cars because they were in his way. I agree my Dad is the best driver in Toronto, but it's not good when he yells at other people in their cars even if they are morons.

So, I think I have to agree with Dad about Todd. Whoever stopped making the show has to be kind of dumb. Dad explained how it works with TV shows and it sounds very complicated. It sounds so complicated I said to him I was surprised anybody made TV shows at all.

Dad tells me his friends who made the show are trying to get money to make a movie about Todd - a cartoon feature, yet. I think this is great! Movies are better than TV shows because you can go to a theatre and see them on a big huge screen. At the end of this article Dad will write a bunch of stuff about this because it sounds complicated too.

What I will do for you is tell you all about the show. There is a lot to tell even though there are only 2 DVD boxes and there should have been more. You are lucky because I will tell you about every Todd story on both of the DVDs.

"Todd the Metal God" is the first story in the first DVD box. Todd really likes this girl, but he also thinks he can get her if he can play guitar better. When he uses the Book of Evil which is a magic book from the Devil it looks like things are going to get better for him. I don't want to ruin it for you, but I think its kind of neat that this story kind of made me remember the movie Phantom of the Paradise. You should see that movie and then see this TV story about Todd and you will see what I mean.

"How To Make a Homunculus" is so cool because I kind of knew what a Homunculus was from stuff my Dad told me, but I never ever saw a Homunculus before. I think you need to watch this Todd story because you will see what a Homunculus looks like. I won't ruin it for you and say who the Homunculus looks like, though. Dad told me a good story about how his friends who made the TV show learned what a Homunculus was from my Uncle John [Editor note: filmmaker John Paizs]. This is so cool because John would know stuff like this too. He made this cool movie called Top of the Food Chain with all kinds of monsters in it and it is also really funny. Like I was saying before, Todd has monsters and is funny too. Uncle John and my Dad sure like monsters. Me too!

"Rock and Roll Zombies Know Best" is like WOW! This girl gets the Book of Evil and uses it to make dead rock stars come to life. I won't spoil it, but there are zombies and they are hungry and they are in her basement. This is kind of like The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2. You will love it!

"Gay Day" is a great show for kids. I went to two schools where kids always made fun of gay people and gay kids. I am in a better school now where people don't do that, but it's really so mean because gay people are just like everyone. I think some of them are more fun, too. This story is really hilarious because a gay boy makes all the other boys gay. This is the kind of show where you learn good lessons about stuff but you get to have fun too.

"Invasion of the Stupid Snatchers" was kind of funny, but it's about taking drugs and I don't like this one as much as the others. I know this can be funny like in Cheech and Chong movies and there is a good lesson to learn, but still it's kind of weird.

"Terrible Twin Turf Tussle" is kind of cool. A girl in the story is a lesbian and she has a nice girlfriend, but her twin sister gets jealous and uses the Book of Evil to make a whole bunch of twins who all look the same. I found this very funny and you will too.

"Monster Fat" is a really good story for all kids to see because it is about why its not nice to make fun of fat people or any people who are different. The monster in this show is made out of fat. Yuck! Then all the girls are made fat, but Todd shows he is a good guy because he proves he likes his girlfriend for what is inside her, not on the outside.

"Cockfight" is kind of gross, but it's pretty funny too because this guy uses the Book of Evil to make his thing bigger and it becomes a monster. It's kind of neat because it turns boys into stone statues and I'm happy it's not like this Japanese cartoon I watched where the things are like big snakes that try to kill people.

"Big Bad Baby" is another good story for kids to see because older girls sometimes have babies when they are still teenagers and they can learn a lot about this. A girl actually wants to have a baby and she uses the book to do this and then when she does, it turns into a big monster baby. In the movie Rosemary's Baby, the Devil becomes the father of the baby and I won't forget when the Mom first sees the baby and tells us how scary the eyes look. "Big Bad Baby" isn't as yucky as that, though and it helps that it's kind of funny.

'The Ghost of Chet Sukowski" is not one of my favourite stories. It is a ghost story but it's not very scary or funny. This is what it is like with TV shows. Some stories are better than others.

"The Phantom of Crowley High" is so neat because it's also like that movie Phantom of the Paradise. In this story you get a girl who wants to be a great singer and you see the things that can happen when you use evil things to get you places.

"Checkmate" is neat because it is about chess. This is a game I really like and seeing a story with chess in it is cool. What is kind of creepy here is how there is a group of people who get together and try to use controlling the mind to get people to become like them. When I watched this story, my Dad showed me a cool old movie called The Seventh Victim which is kind of like this Todd story but without chess. I love how this TV show is like movies I enjoy but is also different from them because it's for kids.

"A Farewell to Curtis's Arm" is an important show for everyone to see because you learn about a bunch of things about characters in the show you were always wondering about. If I tell you what they are, it will ruin it for you, but because of the story's title I can tell you there is a big monster arm.

"Retirement Home" is totally sick. Todd's girlfriend is trapped in an old folks home where all these old people turn into zombies. Zombies are gross enough, but when they're old they're super gross.

"The Student Body" has this girl who turns herself into a kind of plant monster and tries to make people like her. It's kind of sad because she thinks nobody likes her and needs to be a monster to get them to think she is cool. This is something kids do all the time in real life where they try not to be themselves to get everybody to like them. It's so sad and I hope kids who have that problem see this story and learn it's better to be themselves.

"Daddy Tissues" is sooooo gross. Ick! A girl's Dad gets out of the hospital and starts to steal the skin from the boys to pretend he is them. We all like our own skin and this idea of somebody taking our skin is just so creepy.

"Simply the Beast" is like a mystery movie but also super scary because there is something stealing all the cheerleader girls and all that's left of them are their outfits. Is it a monster? Will the girls come back? I'm not going to tell you. You have to watch the show to find out.

"Jungle Fever" is one of my favourite stories in the Todd show because it is about how important it is to not make a mess with garbage and how the environment will die if we don't all pay more attention. In this show, a woman who loves nature is so mad at the mess kids are making she turns everyone into these kind of cave men so they will be like humans were before all the mess was being created and she gets to be Mother Nature.

"Fisting Fantasy" is really a lot of fun because it has the Book turning the whole school into one of those games where people do role playing. Some of the shows are scary because of what happens, but I think this is so neat. I wish school was always like this. :-) ;-) I better not let my principal read this.

"See You Later, Masturbator" is soooooo gross, but it is kind of important for girls because there are a lot of creepy guys out there and we need to know about how fucked up they are. [Editor's Note: Well, she is MY daughter.]

"Loser Generated Content" is super scary and like all those movies where there is a mad killer going after people. This one I watched with the lights on.

"Deathday Cake" is every kid's nightmare. What kid doesn't like cakes? Well what do you think happens when a birthday cake turns into a monster that eats people? Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

"2 Girls, 1 Tongue" has another story with the Phantom character, but I didn't like this one as much as the other. You can't win them all.

"The Toddysey" is pretty neat. A boy who is disabled wants to be a really good runner and athlete, but like many of the stories we see how the Book of Evil makes everything look good when it isn't the boy can't stop running. Todd tries to stop the boy, but he's going so fast that they start to time travel. Here, Todd learns a few things.

"Black Tie Showdown" is such a good show because so many important things happen in the story here and you really want to know what's going to happen in the next DVD. You wait and wait and wait and then your Dad tells you that some morons will not do the show anymore. This is a great story and you will love it, but it's so sad because there won't be any more Todd shows.

Well, that is all I have to tell you about the show. I really hope they make a Todd movie because then I can see all these characters again. It'll be really cool if it's a cartoon, too. You need to watch this show and let your kids watch it too on DVD. I said it before and I'm going to say it again: TODD AND THE BOOK OF PURE EVIL is GREAT!!!

Dad is going to write some stuff about the Todd movie, so you need to read it so you can help my Dad's friends do this great adventure again for us kids who love it.