Thursday, 21 January 2016

BABES vs BEASTS in the Holy Land. READ Greg Klymkiw's Review of JERUZALEM now available for your pleasurable perusal on "Electric Sheep UK - a deviant view of cinema" and you will find the link to the review BELOW

JeruZalem, the Award-Winning Israeli Point-of-View Horror Film by the PAZ Brothers Opens Theatrically January 22nd 2016 in the USA via Epic Pictures Group and on January 29 2016 it opens theatrically in Canada via Video Services Corp. (VSC) and appears day-and-date with V.O.D. and iTunes.

Greg Klymkiw's ***½ review is available at
"Electric Sheep - a deviant view of cinema"
by clicking this handy-dandy link HERE
BEASTS and BABES in the Old City