Wednesday, 15 June 2016

DE PALMA - Guest Review By Meraj Dhir - Fetishes of a Master Revered: Theatrical Release June 17 at TIFF BELL LIGHTBOX, TIFF series "Split/Screen: The Cinema of Brian De Palma"

De Palma (2016)
Dir. Noah Baumbach, Jack Paltrow
Starring: Brian De Palma

Guest Review By Meraj Dhir

De Palma is indispensable - a jewel for filmmakers and film lovers alike. Then again, Brian De Palma is a jewel unto himself and is more than deserving of this first-rate feature documentary spanning over 40 years of a vital directing career. Jake Paltrow (The Good Night, Young Ones) and Noah Baumbach (The Squid and the Whale, Frances Ha) have teamed up to create a film that's as exciting, engrossing and suspenseful as one of the eponymous director’s own grand thrillers.

A simple, frontal camera set-up allows auteur Brian De Palma, now 75, to guide us through his films and his career. The audience is granted a privileged position at the feet of the master for just under two glorious hours of film connoisseurship - replete with delightful anecdotes, breathtakingly searing film excerpts and little-before-seen footage of the filmmakers’ earliest works . . . The portrait of De Palma that emerges is one of a director who is as much an anti-establishment, countercultural auteur as a studio company-man whose mastery of technical craft and cinematic know-how allowed him to make films that were both intensely personal and box office triumphs.