Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Ed Barreveld’s annus miraculous - By Greg Klymkiw - Feature Article from POV Magazine on one of Canada's finest producers of documentary product is now online!!!

Ed Barreveld’s annus miraculous
Feature Article for POV Magazine
By Greg Klymkiw
This is acclaimed Canadian documentary producer Ed Barreveld (or "EddieB" as he's known on the mean streets of Toronto). He is seen here through the lens wielded by his four-year-old daughter HAZEL.
This is a shot from one of Ed's productions, THE WORLD BEFORE HER, the critically acclaimed and multi-award-winning feature documentary examining the role of young women in today's India.
This is a shot from another one of Ed's productions, HERMAN'S HOUSE, the critically acclaimed and multi-award winning feature documentary exposing one of the most heinous human right violations in American History (that continues to this day).

These are Ukrainian Garlic Sausages. They really have nothing to do with this other than the fact that the author of this story is UKRAINIAN.
This is Canada's premiere magazine about documentaries and independent films. It is celebrating its 20th year and under the visionary editorial stamp of Canada's legendary Marc Glassman, IT ROCKS BIG TIME! This is where you will find my article on EddieB, Master Gangsta' of Canuck Doc Production. JUST CLICK THE POV LOGO ABOVE AND YOU WILL BE TAKEN ON A MAGIC CYBER CARPET RIDE TO THE ARTICLE THAT PROBES ALL THE CAVITIES THAT ARE FISSURES UPON THE CANADIAN DOCUMENTARY LANDSCAPE. ENJOY!!!